Tips to Protect Your Hardwood Floors in Cold Weather

Even though we live in Georgia, the fall and winter seasons can bring some pretty low temperatures. The cooler weather and occasional snow storm or occurrence of inclement weather means it’s time to start thinking about how these  fall and winter conditions can affect your hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are natural, they react to the changes in the seasons in the same ways plants and trees do. Here are a few tips to make sure your hardwoods are protected during the fall and winter this year.

Some heating systems can drastically reduce the humidity level in your home. Make sure your home isn’t too dry as it can cause gapping in the planks of your hardwoods as well as cause checks in the wood. This drop in humidity can also affect the installation of your hardwood floors, so it is important to check the humidity prior to an installation if  you are planning to do it during the fall or winter season.

5'' Red Oak hand-rubbed oil finish

5” Red Oak hand-rubbed oil finish

Be mindful about snow, ice and water in general. Even though it doesn’t snow much in Georgia, it is important to make sure that no moisture of any kind is tracked onto the hardwoods. Excessive exposure to moisture can cause the wood to warp and weaken the treatment on the wood.

As the weather begins to change,  it is important to keep up with regular maintenance on your hardwood floors in order to maximize the lifetime of your investment.

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