The Benefits of Floating Flooring

Floating floors have gained some popularity in the last 3 decades. Advanced Flooring Solutions has laid many floating floors in basements in areas around the Metro Atlanta, GA area. The technology has evolved so that instead of floating flooring being limited to laminate, you can now purchase completely solid wood floating floors designs. The floating flooring in basements and bathrooms, where concrete is the substrate, is a common remedy to glue down and cut nail flooring. Solid and semi-solid floating floors can be sanded and finished just like a normal hardwood floor.

Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation

How Does Floating Flooring Stay in Place

Given that floating floors are not attached to the substrate or subfloor with glue or nails, there are four factors that keep the flooring in place: Sheer weight, confinement, friction, and joinery.

1. Sheer Weight of Floating Floors

Solid wood floating floors can add hundreds of pounds to the flooring surface. The sheer mass of the joined flooring helps prevent any movement from occurring due to lateral force.

2. Floating Floor Confinement

Floating flooring can be cut to the exact dimensions of the space so that the surrounding walls will contain the floor. Often times a transition piece may be used from the floating flooring to another flooring type or material but this is common for all wood type flooring.

3. Floating Flooring Friction Base

On the bottom side of most float wood flooring, manufacturers have a foam or cork layer glued to help prevent any lateral movement of the flooring.

4. Floating Floors Joinery

Floating wood floors have a tongue and groove cut on all four sides of the board plants to allow for the pieces to fit and glue together like a jig-saw puzzle. This allows for the floor to be joined as one unit, thus making individual movement impossible.

If you have a concrete floor or a basement and you want it finished with the beauty of hardwood flooring, give Advanced Flooring Solutions a call today. We offer free consultations and estimates and can offer you competitive pricing on any nearly any flooring material on the market.

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