Restore Your Hardwood Floors to Their Former Beauty

Over time, your natural hardwood floors take a lot of abuse. From the family dog, to kids running through the house there is a lot that the average family does to a hardwood floor. However, just because your floors have a few years of wear on them doesn’t mean it’s time to take them up and start over. There are a few ways to restore your hardwood floors, and save some money at the same time. The best part is, fixing your floors is not the mess or nightmare it used to be either.

Sanding and Staining Your Hardwood FloorsSand And Finished Flooring in Metro Atlanta, GA

Sometimes when moving things you can get that big scratch in the finish, and if it occurs in an open area it can be hard to overlook. Some dents and dings are not a big deal, but they can become an eye sore once you notice them.

Hardwood floors are an investment, and flooring can help increase the value of your home. At Advanced Flooring Solutions, we take great care in making sure we restore your flooring investment to its former glory and shine. We use dustless sanders in all of our flooring installs and refinishes. Sanding can create a lot of dust which can end up in cabinets, air ducts, and eventually everywhere. No one wants to spend hundreds on a cleaning service or hours wiping surfaces for wood dust. 

We make multiple passes to make sure the floor surface is completely level and even. We can also assist in making the appropriate stain choice to best suit your needs and the requirements of your flooring material.

  Give Advanced Flooring Solutions of Woodstock, Ga a call today. We have many different flooring samples for you to pick from.  We can help you find the flooring you and your family will enjoy for years come.

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