Prevent Furniture from Scratching Your Floors

furniture on wood floorsOne of the best things about hardwood floors is that they will last a lifetime. Of course, just because they are durable does not mean they are immune to dents and scratches. Some of the most common culprits for damage are pets and furniture. Of course, we have already discussed some of the ways to help prevent your pets from scratching your wood floors, and now we are going to give a couple tips on how to ensure your furniture is hardwood floor friendly.

  • Place your furniture on rugs. By doing so, you will eliminate the contact of the table and chairs and prevent any possibility for damage to occur.
  • Put pads on the bottom of the furniture. There are many different types of pads: stick on, tap on and slip on. All three of these will protect your floors from any furniture abrasions. The peel and stick on pads are the most common and usually least expensive, and they will do great for chairs, stools, ottomans and other furniture that is constantly moved around. Don’t necessarily think that just because it costs more it is more effective.

The basic principle is that you need some sort of material between the bottom of your furniture and your hardwood floors to prevent unwanted scratches and damage, and any protection is better than none at all. Contact us if you have any questions about the regular care and maintenance of hardwood floors or if you are interested in having them installed in your house.

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