Matching Hardwood Floors with Your Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Kitchen Hardwood FlooringHardwood floors are one of the strongest trends in interior design and boost your home’s resale value. During remodeling, many homeowners face the design dilemma of their kitchen cabinets, countertops and hardwood floors. Should you match the wood, paint the cabinets to match the floor, or replace granite countertops with something else?


Hardwood floors and kitchen cabinets should complement each other. Most professional interior designers discourage homeowners from trying to match wood between design elements. Flooring is always seen horizontally, so light plays across its surface differently from light on horizontal cabinet fronts. A better solution is to complement the colors, choosing from opposite sides of the color wheel. If your hardwood floor is a light, warm sugar maple, you can consider a darker, cool color for the cabinets.


According to the National Wood Flooring Association, a rising trend in integrating hardwood floors is to incorporate non-wood elements in the floor, by adding stone or metallic inlays. If you have granite countertops, consider small accent pieces of matching granite in the floor, near doorways or as a decorative border. This ties the floor into the countertops and pulls the whole room together.

Mix it Up

The American Hardwood Information Center suggests mixing, not matching, woods in kitchens. You can successfully intermingle natural wood finishes with treated surfaces such as pickled wood, stains, and paint in light tones.

  • Avoid mixing highly figured grains, such as hickory and oak.
  • Dark tones anchor a large room, helping to pull it together; a small kitchen benefits from lighter cabinets.
  • Get large samples of any possible choices and live with them for a while.
  • Wood trim can match the perimeter cabinets, whether stained or painted.

Facing Budgets

Facing a limited budget with a need for a drastic remodel in the kitchen? Consider refacing the cabinets, rather than replacing them. Refacing allows the entire palette of color and wood choices, so the prevailing hardwood floor in the home can run right into the kitchen, giving an open feeling to your floor plan. Then reface the cabinets with new doors and new hardware in a complementary color to the floor.

Be Calm

Remember, after your bold interior design statement, you have to live with your choices. Avoid the temptation to turn every surface into a showpiece. If you use a hardwood floor with dramatic inlays of highly figured stone, choose a more neutral cabinet color.

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