Knowing When It’s Time to Repair or Replace Hardwood Floors

AFS singleOlder hardwood floors have some particular charm but do you know how to recognize the signs of damage? When is it time to have your hardwood floor repaired or should you be thinking about replacement?

When is Restoration Appropriate?

Restoring hardwood floors is a viable option but you have to assess the condition and the scope of the damage first. Here are some signs that your floor is in need of repairs:

  • Water soaks into the floor: Take a look at the most high-traffic areas of your hardwood floor. Drop some water there. Are the droplets staying on top or are they getting soaked into the wood? If the wood is absorbing liquid, you are in need of re-finishing.
  • Look at the wood itself. If the finish is worn out, there is some risk of wood damage. Your hardwood floor is in need of repairs if you notice cuts, stains, cracks and warping.
  • The floor level: Get on the ground and take a look at the hardwood floor level. Does the flooring appear wavy or uneven? Both of these are signs of some damage. Repairs may be necessary.

When should You Consider Hardwood Floor Replacements?

A number of hardwood floor problems can be fixed, if you pay careful attention to the condition of the wood and you introduce the necessary measures in a timely manner. Sooner or later, however, you will need to have the floor replaced. When is it time to start thinking about such a project?

  • Old floors that are covered with difficult to remove adhesive are much easier to replace than to repair.
  • Serious structural issues. Signs of subfloor damage will usually be indicative of serious structural issues. Refinishing will be far from the best option in such instances. Slats of wood that have shifted too much will be very difficult to get back in position.
  • Serious water damage is another major problem that will demand floor replacement. Peeling, cracking, excessive staining and serious distortion are all signs of wood damage caused by moisture. Professionals will advice you to have the floor replaced, if you are looking for the best outcome.

Hardwood floors can be maintained in good condition for a very long period of time. Recognizing the most common signs of damage, however, is the key to undertaking corrective measures that will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you’re interested in restoring your current hardwood floors or replacing your flooring, contact Advanced Flooring Solutions in Woodstock, Georgia today!

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