How to Properly Install Hardwood Flooring Part 4

Advanced Flooring Solutions of Woodstock, GA has over 15 years of experience in hardwood flooring installation. We would like to pass some of that knowledge down to our customers so that they may compare our procedures to the highest standards of the trade. We would also like to give some tips and ideas to the “do it your selfer” family out there that may try to tackle flooring installation. We are going to write 5 different blogs on the steps needed to properly install hardwood flooring.

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Hardwood Flooring Sanding

This can be one of the hardest steps in installing your hardwood floors. Once your floors have been laid and properly swept and cleaned, you must sand the floors. This process is done to make the flooring plants even and to remove any blemishes that may be present on the board face. Sanding also helps the wood accept the stain better and opens up the wood grain. If you are using pine you want to rent or purchase a square “shake sander”. If you are sanding true hardwoods like oak, a belt sander is needed. Sand the open areas of the floor with the large stand up sander and sand around the edges of the wall and under stair cases with a hand held sander. These can usually be found in the same store you rented your floor sander from. Once the floor has been completely sanded, do a final sweep of the floors making sure to use a vacuum afterwards to get any stray dust that may have been pushed between the boards by the sander. This will get you ready for your floor’s finish.

Next week we will cover the approach taken when you have sanded your floors and are moving on to the finish process. Give Advanced Flooring Solutions a call for all of your hardwood flooring needs.

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