How to Properly Install Hardwood Flooring Part 2

Advanced Flooring Solutions of Woodstock, GA has over 15 years of experience in hardwood flooring installation. We would like to pass some of that knowledge down to our customers so that they may compare our procedures to the highest standards of the trade. We would also like to give some tips and ideas to the “do it your selfer” family out there that may try to tackle flooring installation. We are going to write 5 different blogs on the steps needed to properly install hardwood flooring.

Subfloor Preparation for Hardwood FlooringAffordable Hardwood Flooring

Inspecting the subfloor for damage or other imperfections is extremely important. Once your flooring is laid it can be extremely expensive and time consuming to come back and try to fix a problem. Making sure your floor is squeak free will save you some headache as well. With your subfloor exposed, walk around the area and try to pinpoint a squeak. If you think you have found one, drive screws through the subfloor into the floor rafters. This should be done until the squeak is gone and should keep the floor from squeaking again for years to come.

You want some sort of vapor barrier between your subfloor and hardwood flooring. Certain brands require different types of moisture barriers. This is because when moisture gets through to your flooring, the planks will expand and contract; ruining your hardwood floors. Before and after rolling out and stapling your moisture barrier, give the floor a good sweep. Also, remove all shoe molding from around the room as this will speed up installation.

Next week we will cover the approach taken when you have purchased your flooring and are moving on to installing hardwood flooring. Give Advanced Flooring Solutions a call for all of your hardwood flooring needs.

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