Hardwood Flooring on Below Grade Floors

As technology advances, there are many new forms of hardwood flooring to choose from. From extremely complex and beautiful solid hardwood floor patterns that come in two foot by 2 foot pieces to laminate flooring that, without a second glance, look just as real as solid hardwood floors. With hardwood floors becoming more prominent in the Woodstock, GA area, we at Advanced Flooring Solutions have expanded to carry nearly every available flooring product on the market. Our experience with the installation of the different flooring has shown that certain flooring products work better in certain areas. When installing hardwood flooring on basement concrete floors, you have to be careful about the products you use.

Moisture in Basement FlooringConcrete Finishing Process

Moisture is a huge problem for any type of wood. Not only can it accelerate decomposition of the wood but it can cause the wood to expand. If you have ever had a pipe burst in your kitchen and had hardwood flooring, you know all about expanded wood in flooring. Plywood and felt paper must be used to protect the hardwood flooring. This acts as a moisture barrier and gives you something to nail the flooring to. Using solid hardwood flooring in below grade floors usually voids the floor’s warranty.

Preparing the Subfloor of Your Basement

Your subfloor must be level and free of open cracks. This can mean using a leveling compound or grinding down large humps in the concrete. You must also check the floor for moisture content. This can be done by taping a piece of plastic to the floor for a few days. If moisture has gathered beneath the plastic, more extensive measures may need to be taken to remove the moisture from the concrete.

Manufactured Flooring in Basements

Manufactured hardwood flooring has a few advantages over solid wood floors when it comes to installation in basements and bathrooms. The plies of wood are laid perpendicular so that the grains cross throughout the length of the board. This helps fight moisture expansion and increases strength of the plank. Most manufactured floors retain their warranty in any grade floor of your home if proper steps are taken as per manufactures recommendations. Give Advanced Flooring Solutions a call for a free flooring estimate today. Image Source

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