How to Properly Install Hardwood Flooring Part 1

Advanced Flooring Solutions of Woodstock, GA has over 15 years of experience in hardwood flooring installation. We would like to pass some of that knowledge down to our customers so that they may compare our procedures to the highest standards of the trade. We would also like to give some tips and ideas to the “do it your selfer” family out there that may try to tackle flooring installation. We are going to write 5 different blogs on the steps needed to properly install hardwood flooring.

Measuring Dimensions of the Room Getting Hardwood Floors20140203_111514

The first part of getting your hardwood flooring installation project off the ground is getting the dimensions of the room. This can be done by measuring 2 walls of the room in linear feet. You want to measure two perpendicular walls. Multiply the two numbers, this gives you the overall square footage of the room. This number will be extremely important when ordering the proper amount of flooring for the room. If you buy 6” wide board at 12’ long, you would need 22 of these boards to properly cover the floor of a room that is 10 feet x 10 feet in diameter. You always want to allow yourself 10 percent extra lumber for miscuts and defective boards.

Picking the Species and Board Width of the Board Planks

This comes down to a choice of preference. If you love the look of a light colored but complex flooring then pine may be best for your home. Pine has knots and grain texture that gives it a nice complexity but is light colored, which adds to its soft/warm appearance.

Next week we will cover the approach taken when you have purchased your flooring and are moving on to subfloor preparation. Give Advanced Flooring Solutions a call for all of your hardwood flooring needs.

Hardwood Flooring in Your Bedroom

It can be tough when trying to decide what type of flooring to put into your home. When building a home, it is usually one of the first things you have to consider and decide upon. If you have the idea of remodeling your home and have chosen to do floors, figuring out what flooring you want can be a little easier. Once you have lived in your home for a while you have the time to consider what is best for your home and family. Today at Advanced Flooring Solutions of Woodstock, GA, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of hardwood flooring in the bedrooms of your home. This choice of flooring is very important because it is the first floor your feet touch in the morning.

Hardwood Flooring vs Carpet FlooringPrefinished Hardwood Flooring

Despite the fact that carpet is harder to keep clean and less durable, it is soft and typically warmer feeling in the morning. There are other options for your bedroom that may benefit you and your family more. A few things to consider when choosing what flooring is best for your bedrooms are: does the family eat and play in the bedrooms, does the family pet ever spend copious amounts of time in one of the bedrooms, and are people allowed to wear shoes into the house? If you answered yes to anyone of these questions then hardwood flooring may be the best answer for you. Hardwood floors are more durable and by far easier to clean. They can also help the value of your home as well as make it more appealing to buyers. Beautiful hardwood floors are a lifetime investment. Hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished numerous times; making them last for many years to come.

Give Advanced Flooring Solutions a call today to set up a free estimate and consultation. We use dustless sanding techniques which allow your family to stay in the home during the refinish process. The dustless sanders also leave very little mess to be cleaned after the refinishing process.

Hardwood Flooring on Below Grade Floors

As technology advances, there are many new forms of hardwood flooring to choose from. From extremely complex and beautiful solid hardwood floor patterns that come in two foot by 2 foot pieces to laminate flooring that, without a second glance, look just as real as solid hardwood floors. With hardwood floors becoming more prominent in the Woodstock, GA area, we at Advanced Flooring Solutions have expanded to carry nearly every available flooring product on the market. Our experience with the installation of the different flooring has shown that certain flooring products work better in certain areas. When installing hardwood flooring on basement concrete floors, you have to be careful about the products you use.

Moisture in Basement FlooringConcrete Finishing Process

Moisture is a huge problem for any type of wood. Not only can it accelerate decomposition of the wood but it can cause the wood to expand. If you have ever had a pipe burst in your kitchen and had hardwood flooring, you know all about expanded wood in flooring. Plywood and felt paper must be used to protect the hardwood flooring. This acts as a moisture barrier and gives you something to nail the flooring to. Using solid hardwood flooring in below grade floors usually voids the floor’s warranty.

Preparing the Subfloor of Your Basement

Your subfloor must be level and free of open cracks. This can mean using a leveling compound or grinding down large humps in the concrete. You must also check the floor for moisture content. This can be done by taping a piece of plastic to the floor for a few days. If moisture has gathered beneath the plastic, more extensive measures may need to be taken to remove the moisture from the concrete.

Manufactured Flooring in Basements

Manufactured hardwood flooring has a few advantages over solid wood floors when it comes to installation in basements and bathrooms. The plies of wood are laid perpendicular so that the grains cross throughout the length of the board. This helps fight moisture expansion and increases strength of the plank. Most manufactured floors retain their warranty in any grade floor of your home if proper steps are taken as per manufactures recommendations. Give Advanced Flooring Solutions a call for a free flooring estimate today. Image Source

Pine is The Affordable and Beautiful Hardwood Flooring

Generally speaking, pine is one of the most important and widely used tree species on the planet. It is used for anything from furniture, to the building of homes. The tree itself is found all over the globe. Its needles, once dropped, make the surrounding soil acidic. This newly made acid soil inhibits the growth of competitive hardwoods. Pine nuts are used for food and are a key ingredient for Pesto alla Genovese. Pine has many attributes that make Pine a great choice for hardwood flooring. Our professionals at Advanced Flooring Solutions have installed numerous Pine floors and are very familiar with the product. Pine floors have added a touch of class to many homes in the Woodstock, GA area. We are going to look at some of the reasons pine has made such an impact in the flooring industry.

The Warm Beauty of Natural Pine Hardwood FlooringPine Tree Seedling

Pine is considered a character wood, meaning it has knots and holes that gives it a unique and classic hardwood floor look. Pine is on the softer side of hardwood floors. It will scratch and dent easily which adds to its rustic appearance. Antique heartwood pine is a harder, more expensive variety of pine flooring. It is typically darker and comes in narrower widths due to it being cut from the very center of the log. Heartwood pine has a natural, reddish gold tone and is very beautiful. Normally the heartwood flooring is not stained but instead given a polyurethane top coat. This allows the natural beauty and color of the heartwood to show. Normal pine flooring is very accepting of color and stains. It is not recommended for outdoor use if left untreated. It is very resistant to shrinkage when properly seasoned. It can be found in many old factories and buildings due to its relatively inexpensive cost. There are still many antique floors being recaptured for use in homes and commercial use.

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The Benefits of Floating Flooring

Floating floors have gained some popularity in the last 3 decades. Advanced Flooring Solutions has laid many floating floors in basements in areas around the Metro Atlanta, GA area. The technology has evolved so that instead of floating flooring being limited to laminate, you can now purchase completely solid wood floating floors designs. The floating flooring in basements and bathrooms, where concrete is the substrate, is a common remedy to glue down and cut nail flooring. Solid and semi-solid floating floors can be sanded and finished just like a normal hardwood floor.

Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation

How Does Floating Flooring Stay in Place

Given that floating floors are not attached to the substrate or subfloor with glue or nails, there are four factors that keep the flooring in place: Sheer weight, confinement, friction, and joinery.

1. Sheer Weight of Floating Floors

Solid wood floating floors can add hundreds of pounds to the flooring surface. The sheer mass of the joined flooring helps prevent any movement from occurring due to lateral force.

2. Floating Floor Confinement

Floating flooring can be cut to the exact dimensions of the space so that the surrounding walls will contain the floor. Often times a transition piece may be used from the floating flooring to another flooring type or material but this is common for all wood type flooring.

3. Floating Flooring Friction Base

On the bottom side of most float wood flooring, manufacturers have a foam or cork layer glued to help prevent any lateral movement of the flooring.

4. Floating Floors Joinery

Floating wood floors have a tongue and groove cut on all four sides of the board plants to allow for the pieces to fit and glue together like a jig-saw puzzle. This allows for the floor to be joined as one unit, thus making individual movement impossible.

If you have a concrete floor or a basement and you want it finished with the beauty of hardwood flooring, give Advanced Flooring Solutions a call today. We offer free consultations and estimates and can offer you competitive pricing on any nearly any flooring material on the market.

How Cut and Grade Affects the Look of Your Hardwood Floors

There is a lot to consider when choosing the look of your hardwood floors. More often than not, most flooring companies do not showcase the varying cuts and grades available to the customer. These variances can make a huge difference in the over-all outcome of the look of your flooring. The grade and cut of hardwood flooring is an important decision to consider. Here is an idea of what to look for when choosing the best flooring to match your home/office and personal preferences.

Hardwood Flooring Grades

The grade of wood doesn’t determine the woods durability, it determines the look of the flooring. All grades are equally viable as flooring.

  1. Select wood / Second Grade wood has the most character of the three grades. It has heartwood and sapwood coloring with knots and grain lines being very evident.

    5'' Red Oak hand-rubbed oil finish

    5” Red Oak hand-rubbed oil finish

  2. Clear wood / First Grade wood gives your floors a more uniform look. The have very little grain, knots, or discoloration.
  3. Common wood #2 / Third Grade wood keeps the natural look of the timbered wood. No order is taken when assembling the flooring package. You will find characteristics from all the grades in this category.

Hardwood Flooring Cuts

The direction across the grain determines the cut of the wood. This can greatly determine the price and available sizes of the wood flooring boards.

  1. Plainsawn wood is the most common cut of wood on the market today. This is due to its familiarity with home owners and its ease to produce from the timber.
  2. Quartersawn lumber is much stronger and durable than plainsawn lumber. The log is cut into quarters and the boards are taken from each side of the quarter one at a time. This allows for a straight grain along each board.  Quatersawn lumber has less cupping and shrinkage along the width of the board.
  3. Riftsawn timber is the most expensive and most durable style of cut. It has similar qualities to quartersawn lumber minus ray flecks.

At Advanced Flooring Solutions in Woodstock, GA, we take every measure available to deliver the highest quality product in our industry. Give us a call or stop by our home page to set up a free estimate. Rely on your local professionals.

Which Hardwood Flooring Finish is best

One of the toughest decisions to make when getting hardwood floors is picking the color and finish. Keeping in mind that the species of wood used can make all the difference, there are many finishes to choose from. The application also depends on whether the flooring is going to installed in a commercial or residential space. The most popular are the polyurethane finishes but that is but a small portion of the available options. So, which finish is best for your hardwood floors?

Penetrating Stains

The stain is typically added to the flooring before the polyurethane, although you can mix certain stains with poly. This is what colors the floor and depending on transparency, makes wood grain stand out. A transparent stain will show more wood grain, whereas a solid color stain can offer characteristics more like typical paints.

Urethane Hardwood Flooring Finishes

Beautiful Hardwood Floors in Buckhead, GA

Oil-based finishes are the most common of the urethane products. They are available in all three sheens; flat, satin, and high-gloss. Oil-based urethane finishes also “amber” over time depending on light exposure.

Water-based urethane finishes are growing in popularity due to their ease of application and cleaning requirements. They also produce much less obnoxious odors which make them better for installation in occupied spaces.

Moisture-cured urethane finishes are solvent based and are most commonly found in commercial installations. This product is typically more durable and has a high water resistant quality.

Sheen Options

There are three basic types of sheen options when selecting top coat finishes.

  1. Flat is a great option for basement floors. It shows less dings, scratches, and dents than the other sheen options.
  2. Satin is a great choice for your home. It has a nice mixture of the two sheen options and is easily cleaned with a mop or hand towel.
  3. High-gloss is commonly used in commercial applications. It has a very reflective quality but also shows wear. It is easily cleaned and requires buffing to remove and wear and imperfections.

At Advanced Flooring Solutions, we service and install nearly every flooring in commercial and residential applications. We have the experience to handle any of your flooring needs. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

The Warm Beauty of White Oak


White Oak Hardwood Flooring White oak has many special properties that make its use widespread. It has a similar look to European oak in color and texture. White oak is typically straight grained with longer rays than red oak. Southern grown oak is typically harder due to its wider rings from faster growth. At Advanced Flooring Solutions , have worked extensively with all species of wood in the flooring industry. White oak is a great choice for your home or commercial property, and here’s why.

Uses for White Oak, Past and Present

White oak is impermeable when it comes to water. It is still a great wood for stain, but white oak has great water repelling properties. For this reason, shipbuilders would often use white oak for ship timbers. The wood is also used widespread as wine barrels and casks. Native Americans and early settlers would boil and eat the white oak acorns. The bark is also rich in tannin.

White oak is still being used to build boats and wine barrels. It is also a great choice for outdoor furniture – mostly tables and chairs. White oak has seen a lot of use in high-end flooring due to its natural beauty.

Physical Characteristics of White Oak

White oat is very receptive of finish work and nails well. Galvanized nails are recommended due to the fact that the oak reacts with iron.  Oak is a hard and heavy wood that has a high tolerance to bending and crushing. White oak is readily available but, not nearly as common as Red oak so prices can be expected to be higher. White oak is seen as the most important of all the hardwood exports of the United States.

With so many hardwood flooring options to choose from, the professionals at Advanced Flooring Solutions can help you with every step to select the right flooring for you. Give us a call today or take a look at our past flooring projects to see how grade-A craftsmanship translates into beautiful home and commercial floors.

How Winter’s Chill Can Affect Your Pipes and Hardwood Floors

There is nothing worse than waking up to a flooded kitchen when you went to bed and everything was okay. The next morning you walk into the kitchen to find your island cabinets have become a literal island. This happens more in the south but can happen to anyone. There are a few things you can do to prevent your kitchen hardwood flooring from becoming flooded and looking like the Atlantic Ocean. Also, there are some things you can do to minimize the water damage if you were to have a leak of any sort.

When to Worry About Your Water Pipes BustingBeautiful Kitchen Floors

In the south we are a bit naïve to harsh winter conditions. Builders in the southern states do not take the measures to insulate and protect our homes like builders further north do. There is actually good reason for that. We do not see many nights below 20 degrees Fahrenheit in our cozy Woodstock, Ga weather. A water pipe that is either not insulated or in a non-insulated area of the house will burst at 20 degrees or below. The 20 degree threshold is based upon research conducted by the Building Research Council at the University of Illinois. A licensed plumber would be able to do a thorough evaluation of your home to make sure you are protected from bursting pipes and potential flooring damage.

What You Can Do to Avoid Busting Pipes

Pipes do not typically burst where the water freezes within the pipe. It usually bursts between the frozen clog and the spigot. This is why letting your water drip can keep your pipes from bursting. It allows pressure from the expanding ice to push the water out of the pipe rather than rupture it. Another way to help is make sure no cold air from outside is able to leak into your crawlspace or attic where the pipes are located. If cold air is allowed to cross over the pipes, freezing is likely to occur. If there is a crack or gap in your home’s foundation, the appropriate caulking can make the difference in whether your home becomes flooded or not.

Advance Flooring Solutions of Woodstock, Ga handles all types of flooring damage. Typically, if the water is removed quickly from your wood flooring it can be as easy as a sand and refinish job. If the water is allowed to sit, expansion can occur which leads to buckling and warping of your flooring. More extensive measures would then have to be taken to return your floors to something like they were before the incident. Give us a call for a free estimate and rely on the professionals.

Restore Your Hardwood Floors to Their Former Beauty

Over time, your natural hardwood floors take a lot of abuse. From the family dog, to kids running through the house there is a lot that the average family does to a hardwood floor. However, just because your floors have a few years of wear on them doesn’t mean it’s time to take them up and start over. There are a few ways to restore your hardwood floors, and save some money at the same time. The best part is, fixing your floors is not the mess or nightmare it used to be either.

Sanding and Staining Your Hardwood FloorsSand And Finished Flooring in Metro Atlanta, GA

Sometimes when moving things you can get that big scratch in the finish, and if it occurs in an open area it can be hard to overlook. Some dents and dings are not a big deal, but they can become an eye sore once you notice them.

Hardwood floors are an investment, and flooring can help increase the value of your home. At Advanced Flooring Solutions, we take great care in making sure we restore your flooring investment to its former glory and shine. We use dustless sanders in all of our flooring installs and refinishes. Sanding can create a lot of dust which can end up in cabinets, air ducts, and eventually everywhere. No one wants to spend hundreds on a cleaning service or hours wiping surfaces for wood dust. 

We make multiple passes to make sure the floor surface is completely level and even. We can also assist in making the appropriate stain choice to best suit your needs and the requirements of your flooring material.

  Give Advanced Flooring Solutions of Woodstock, Ga a call today. We have many different flooring samples for you to pick from.  We can help you find the flooring you and your family will enjoy for years come.