Caring for your Hardwood Floors

Restoring or installing hardwood floors is a huge investment in your home. The look of hardwood floors is timeless and can be the centerpiece of any room, however, it may require a different kind of attention than other flooring types such as carpet.

  • Preventing scratches: No one wants their hardwood floors to get scratched, a great way to prevent this is by using rugs in heavily trafficked areas as well as using floor protectors under your tables and chairs. If you have little ones, you may want to consider trying to keep some of their toys in carpeted areas or on a rug to prevent accidental scratching.Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring
  • Removing marks: Before you start scrubbing your floors to remove a mark, consider the staining treatment you have on your floors. The type of stain on your floor will predetermine the methods you can use to clean. If you aren’t sure, consult with a professional so you don’t damage the floor.
  • The basics: When it comes to day-to-day care of your hardwood floors, a dust-treated mop and weekly vacuuming should do the trick. Be sure to address any spills immediately after they happen to prevent a mark from setting in. You should also avoid any ammonia based products that may damage the finish on your floors.

Caring for your hardwood floors is the best way to extend their quality before you need to restore them again. Not sure if it’s time to consider restoring your hardwood floors? Contact one of our professionals today to get a free estimate.

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