Best Hardwood Flooring for Animals

It’s no secret that hardwood flooring and animals don’t always mix. There are however, ways to make having hardwood floors and animals much easier. Having your dog declawed isn’t always the best answer and we at Advanced Flooring Solutions of Woodstock, GA have a few ideas that could solve your dilemma. There are options on the market for hardwood floors that are pet friendly. In this weeks blog we will cover ways and flooring materials that can stand up to fito’s incessant clawing and running across your beautiful hardwood floors.Brazilian Hardwood Flooring

 Hardwood Flooring Options That Are Not Wood at All

Companies now make porcelain tile that has beautiful wood graphics that take a long stare by a trained eye to pick out the difference. They now even come in long rectangular planks that mimic actual wood in size. The other non-wood option is laminate flooring. Laminate flooring has it’s own issues but is extremely scratch resistant.

Hardwood Flooring That is Pet Friendly

Brazilian hardwood flooring is extremely dense. It’s hard to scratch with a razor blade and almost impossible to drive a nail into without it bending in 6 different places. It is a great choice for pet owners if you like the style as well. Bamboo is also a great choice. Bamboo is actually a grass but the resins that are used to bind the strands make it extremely hard and scratch resistant. Hard maple has been used for ages as basketball court flooring. It has a beautiful domestic wood character and is very accepting of stains.

Don’t worry for your pets or go to extremes to have beautiful hardwood floors; call Advanced Flooring Solutions and rely on the professionals. We offer free estimates and consultation. Give us a call today (706) 972-0025.

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